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Each year I work with a limited number of executives, pageant contestants, and competitive public speakers to guide them through breakthroughs in their work and competitive endeavors.

Do you instantly command a room of senior leaders when you enter? Do the people you meet, not just in meetings but in everyday life, see the powerful traits of your personality?

People do business with people they like and trust. I want to help you make that memorable first impression to set yourself apart from the competition.

If you are looking to polish your professional image and stand out from your competition, I invite you to consider private coaching. My clients tell me that I accelerate their ability to communicate clearly and carry themselves with confidence to present a polished, professional image.

Private coaching is not a cookie cutter program. it’s a chance for us to work one on one as I help guide you in the areas of communication, executive image. and time management.

My clients learn to command a room, to stand out and get attention and plan their day to get the most out of their working hours. I’m obsessed with helping others develop the confidence, charisma and communication skills to get taken seriously and inspire others to action.

If you’re serious about improving your performance, please contact me. I only have a few open slots left and I would love to show you how improving executive presence can drive higher performance.


Randy is an expert at taking a speech to the next level. He has given me guidance on how to connect and engage with an audience, deliver an impactful speech, and make my key point known. He has provided me with the confidence to be in control during my presentations. Thanks for everything, Randy! You are WONDERFUL!

Abby Balster
Executive Director
St. Marys Chamber of Commerce


I approached Randy Fisher because I was prepping for a big job interview, not only was I going into a panel interview, I also had to create and present a customer service presentation to them. I had never been involved in such a huge interview process and was very anxious about it; I wanted to knock it out of the park! I contacted Randy Fisher and Randy helped me by reviewing and making suggestions regarding the format of my presentation, he coached me on the delivery of it and shared with me best practices when public speaking. As a result of Randy’s efforts, I got the job!

What I really liked about Randy is that he took the time with me, he identified my level of stress quickly, and helped me break my presentation down slide by slide, until I was comfortable. He didn’t rush our session and he followed up with me after my big interview. He cared! I found my experience with Randy to be first rate, I could not have conducted my interview with the confidence I had without Randy’s expertise and involvement, he really made a difference. I recommend Randy Fisher to anyone that is preparing to speak in front of group, whether it your first speech or your 100th speech, his enthusiasm, love for coaching and public speaking will make a difference for you too.
Beth Brockman
Regional Trainer
NVR Mortgage